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Mandy's Second Date Update

Ian Asked For WHAT…After The First Date??

Distance Doesn’t Always Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Mandy Gets Called a Racist After this Duo’s Dates Goes South

Don’t Date Your Dentist!

Frank Was Only Trying to Count his Calories… But Did it Cost Him?

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Business Gone Bad After Tim Promised Anne a Job in Exchange for a Date

Marcus Says This Was The Best Date He’s Ever Been On, But She Won’t Call Him Back…Let’s See Why!

Keith is Salty Over Paying for the Date

Spoiled Milk Spoils Chad’s Date

Chad Is In A Bit Of A Pickle….And It’s Not Looking Good For Him

Kevin Finds Out What Happens When You Are Lazy On The First Date!

Would You Dump Someone for Not Going to the Dentist?

Stacy Got Caught On Tinder…But Jeff Had Bigger Problems

Brandon’s Sex Novel Costs Him a Second Date

Valentine’s Expectations Caused Justin to Skip Out on a Second Date

Going on a Date with My Mom’s One Night Stand

The Ghoster Becomes the Ghosted

Mike Discovers What Happens When You Stalk People While They’re at Work

The Third Nipple Crisis


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