Tell On Your Teacher!

WCDA Tell On Your Teacher BlackboardEvery year, YOUR 106.3 recognizes teachers in the Lexington area, nominated by parents and students for being exceptional educators.

Tell us in 90 words or less why your teacher is special.  Then each Tuesday and Thursday, YOUR 106.3 will tell Lexington about of the teachers you nominate and reward them with our teacher prize pack: a $1500.00 room makeover for their classroom.  And YOU could win a $500.00 Visa card if your teacher is selected as the grand prize winner.

Nominate YOUR teacher and listen each Tuesday and Thursday as we highlight some of the best teachers in the Lexington area. Tell On Your Teacher, today, from Community Trust Bank… and YOUR 106.3

Tell On Your Teacher

  • If your teacher is chosen, do you consent to be interviewed on-air???
  • Do you give parental consent for your student to be interviewed om-air?