A Woman Is So Upset at a Grocery Store She Drives Inside and Up and Down the Aisles

43-year-old Noella Fay went to a Safeway grocery store in Springfield, Oregon on Tuesday afternoon, and she tried to buy $2,200 worth of gift cards with a check.  The check didn’t clear, so they wouldn’t sell her the gift cards . . . and she left.

But Noella was SO angry she drove back to the store eight hours later . . . plowed through the front doors . . . drove down an aisle to the back . . . flipped the car around . . . drove back down a different aisle . . . went out the doors . . . and sped away.

There were six people in the store at the time and fortunately nobody was hurt.

The cops found the car abandoned about a mile away, but they were able to trace it to Noella and they arrested her at her home for reckless endangering, hit-and-run, reckless driving, and criminal mischief.